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What to expect when you
come dogsledding with us


Before we go

  • We have departures at 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM et 2:30 PM. These are times at which we ask that you be ready to go (fully dressed, gloves on, hat on, backpack closed, all in order !). Please note to make extra time for any preparation you need.

  • You will be able to park immediately upon entering. Come join us on foot by following the dogs' yapping !


  • You will then see a little cabin with a red roof. It's the front desk. You will go there for check in and receive instructions on what to do next.


     Key points


  • Your guide will give you a training.

  • Yes, you will drive the sled !

  • The training part is extremely important to insure that you have a

       pleasant and safe experience. No phone or going back to the car

       during the explanations !

  • You will be paired up on the sleds, one passenger and one driver.

  • Exceptions can be made in presence of kids.

  • Your guides have total discretion to decide on a setup that may

      differ from the one you had in mind. They are the ones that know

      the condition of the trails, of the snow, of the dogs on that

      particular day, and the final decision is theirs.

On the sled

  • The departure is a very exciting time for everyone. The dogs are eager to go running, they yap and they are very restless.

  • On your side, for the best experience, please follow the instructions that will be given to you by your guide and the manager.

  • It is particularly important to stay on your sled once it has been assigned to you. You will have all the time in the world to take pictures and pet the dogs when you come back, once they have spent their energy and are much more interested in your attention and affection.

Key points

You are going on a full hour tour 

(+/- 5 minutes depending on the conditions).


A break will be offered roughly mid-way to take

photos and switch passengersand drivers 

for those who want to.


Your guide is in charge of your safety first and

foremost : if the conditions are particularly

challenging, the break might be postponed,

shortened or cancelled altogether. 



  • The arrival resembles the departure : employees will take over to park the sleds and secure the dogs.

  • Listen carefully to their indications and respond as fast as you can to help things as smoothly as possible.

  • Once you have gotten off your sled, pay attention to the arrival of the next sleds. It happens quicker than you'd think !


  • Once the rush of the arrivals has simmered down, it is time for you to enjoy as

      much as you want : ask your guide or other employees questions, take pictures,

      pet your dogs, stretch your legs, get warmer...

  • Now is also the time to meet the puppies that will revel in all your attention.

  • Our place is unique and is a little world of its own. You will probably see or

experience things that you have never seen before. Don't hesitate to ask us all the

questions that you have. We know how special it is to be there and we want you to

have the best experience possible !

En traîneau dans les plaines
Forêt enneigée
Chiot husky
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