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Ethical questions

The well-being of dogs must be the first priority.

In the field of sledding, two key questions

say a lot about the place you choose.

1. What do dogs do in the summer?

Athos and Hermes, two young dogs,

are great friends. Their houses are side by side so they always have a playmate.

We want to build as many enclosures of this type as possible to ensure that all dogs have moments of freedom, play, but also socialization with all members of the pack.

However, we would like to point out that even when they are at their houses, their binding length allows them to play with their neighbor and to run. Release is therefore very important, but it is not their only source of interaction and physical exercise.

Scar and Ringo  sniff around while Roméo takes a little water break !

Nous souhaitons construire le plus d'enclos de ce type possible pour assurer à tous les chiens des moments de liberté, de jeu, mais également de sociabilisation avec tous les membres de la meute.

Cependant, nous tenons à préciser que même lorsqu'ils sont à leurs niches, leur longueur d'attache leur permet de jouer avec leur voisin et de courir. La mise en liberté est donc très importante, mais elle n'est pas leur seule source d'interaction et d'exercice physique.

2. What happens to dogs that do not work (or no longer work)?

There are dogs that don't run, that don't run anymore or that have never even run. This happens for all sorts of reasons: health problem (epilepsy or dysplasia, for example), lack of interest in sledding, end of career.

In all these cases, the rest of their life is an important question. We always favor adoption for all our reformed dogs. It often happens that an employee or a guide decides to take them as house dogs. Our beautiful Guizmo right there is quite lazy: pulling the sled doesn't do it for him ! He has become a house dog and he continues to visit his pack friends every day.

Adopting is also the best option for many of our puppies.

In 2022-2023, more than 20 puppies and 2 adult dogs have been adopted.

We take this opportunity to warmly thank all the families and people who welcomed their new companions.

Guizmo le fainéant
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