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Fleurs jaunes

Passion Husky in the spring

Chien traineau printemps

Bush is evaluating his season :

he's pleased with himself.

Chien curieux cute

Marty wanders around the building, and checks on what others are doing.

After a much physical season, spring is resting time for all our dogs. Their physical activity is gradually decreased until complete rest. This allows a deep regeneration for the body.

It's also the time of dietary changes : fasting is put into place gradually and soup is replaced by water.

For humans, it's the time to tidy up the kennel. A lot of time must be dedicated to cleaning up and sorting things out, the thaw is a very messy time ! Time must also go to repairing and mending, as winter isn't kind to equipment. 

Spring is also the time for mental recovery after winter, the cooling down period. For this reason, it is the only season during which we don't offer kennel visits. The dogs have been constantly stimulated and sollicitated during winter. Like humans, they need a break sometimes and to be between dogs only !

Chiens amis cute

Iron and Ocho : "Hello my friend, what you up to?"

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