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Personnes fragiles

We are often asked about very young children, elderly or pregnancy.

Our simple test and question that we invite you to perform is : 

Would you take the person in question skiing ? 

Indeed, sledding very much resembles skiing in terms of an outdoors, board sport. It is also similar regarding the conditions of climate and temperature. 

If whoever you wish to bring is comfortable skiing, it's safe to assume you can take them sledding.

If you have a doubt though, feel free to contact us. 

Depending on the particulars of your circumstances, we may ask you to sign a waiver to attest that you have been informed of the risks and that you accept them.

Conditions hivernales

We do our best to maintain outings il all kinds of weather, quite intense conditions included.

Some snowstorms days make for the most gorgeous treks, in true Nordic conditions.

Very low temperatures aren't generally an issue either : with the right gear, the experience will be just as nice.


On days of particularly heavy storms or extreme cold, two scenarios : 

  • We decide to cancel on our side because we don't deem the conditions safe enough. We will contact you the day before to offer to move your reservation to another date. If that's not an option for you, we will offer to cancel and refund you 100%.

  • We maintain the activity but you choose not to participate. In that case, our cancellation policy will apply.

Ancre 1

We know of course that no one can anticipate everything, and that some situations can arise unexpectedly. That is why we accept last minute cancellations in case of force majeure (car accident, emergency surgery, ...). In such cases, we provide a 90% refund. 

However, in all other cases (change of plans, flu, traffic, problem with car rental, getting lost on the way, etc.), we will apply the follwing cancellation policy :

- Cancellation of the reservation between 7 and 4 before the date : refund 100%.

- Cancellation of the reservation between 4 days and 48 hrs before the date : refund 80%.

- Cancellation of the reservation between 48 hrs and 24 hrs before the date : refund 50%.

- Cancellation of the reservation less than 24 hrs before the date : no refund.

In case of cancellation on our side, for whatever reason, you will be entirely refunded. 

Sortes de chiens

Absolutely ! Purebred huskies are very rare nowadays (and crazily expensive !).

All throughout their history, the amazing gene pool made breeders dream to making it even better by cross breading with a lot of other breeds (labrador, golden retriever, greyhound, ...). They were looking to keep and maintain all physical and mental qualities of the Husky while adding the skills of these other dogs.

A particularly fruitful cross breeding created the Alaskan breed. 

Specifically selected for sledding, they are major part Husky

accompanied by hounds such as greyhounds, pointers or hunting dogs.

Their speed is second to none. Today, all sled races are won by Alaskan

teams. Sub-breeds exist, with Alaskan dogs more specialized in

pulling heavier weights, in sprinting short distances or running long


At the kennel, you can meet Happy, Arrow or Toby that are great

examples of the Alaskan breed.

Another cross breeding, between an Alaskan dog and a German

pointer, has created the Eurohound breed. Even faster and more

energetic than Alaskan dogs, they are otherworldly racing dogs.

Our gorgeous Lily over there is a wonderful example. She is, without

a doubt, the best leader in the kennel.

Lily, chienne de race Eurohound
Doux avec l'homme

Often, visitors express their reserve and their fears when we encourage them to walk among our dogs and pet them all. However, even children of two or three roam in the pack in complete safety.

As explained by their history, huskies have always protected humans, especially children. Their immense energy should not be confused with aggressiveness. They have gas to burn, but they also know how to be very sweet and affectionate. You're more likely to get your face licked than anything else!

All our visitors can attest to this: they love caresses! A word of advice though: wait after the ride to cuddle them. When they are at the start, they only have one thing in mind, RUNNING! Once their energy is spent, they will be much more sensitive to your attentions and they will return all your affection.

Did you know some basic tips to pat a dog well ?

  • Approach slowly, making as little noise and big sudden gestures as possible.

  • Let them feel your hand (or your glove) a bit. A dog's primary sense is smell (unlike us who prefer sight). They get a lot of information about you with that first sniff and they memorize you!

  • First itch it under the chin. Many people put their hand on the head but this pressure is perceived by the dog as a signal of hierarchy. You tell him that you are his superior. If you want to be his friend, it's under the chin!


Do you lend winter gear?

Yes. We have several coats, snow pants and boots. However, we do not lend gloves, hats or sunglasses/ski goggles.

We also no longer lend blankets or hand warmers. For all these items, we encourage you to stock up before your visit.


Do you offer transportation service?

We offer a shuttle service between the kennel and the Terminus Lagueux (last stop of line L3 of the STL, Lévis Transport System). You can consult the schedules of this line here.

To plan your journey with us, you must imperatively book no later than 24 hours before your reservation. Reservations for transport are made only by texting or by email. 

The entire transport service (pick up/drop off at the Terminus) is charged $45, regardless of the number of people. Note that a maximum of 4 people is included per booking. For any larger number, please contact us

You must arrive between 15 and 30 minutes before your reservation time. For example, if you have booked for 10:30 a.m., you must be at Terminus Lagueux between 10 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. In case of delay, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel your visit.

The Terminus Lagueux is the one and only place from/to which we offer a transport system. We only offer no transportation from Lévis, Quebec or Montreal.


What can we do on site or nearby?

We lend all our visitors free pairs of snowshoes to go for a walk in our forests.

You can of course visit the kennel and spend as much time as you want with all our dogs and puppies.

We are also neighbors to Érablière du Cap, a sugar shack that also offers several other activities.


Can we get nice photos ?

We know that taking photos is a very important, if not the most important, part of your experience with us.

We are therefore in contact with a professional photographer to perhaps be able to offer you high quality sports photos for the 2023-2024 winter season. Stay tuned!


Can we eat at your place ?

What could be better than donuts with a good coffee or a great poutine after an hour of sliding on the snow with your new furry friends?

You dream of it, so do we! We are currently in discussions with food trucks to make this project a reality. Hoping to meet you this winter around a hot chocolate or a burger!

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