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Discover sled dogs during the fall

Yes, winter is the season to discover huskies, with their thick fur, their striking blue eyes and the soft noise of their paws in the snow.

But during the fall !... There are so many great things to do.

In the backstage of the pre-season, we begin training the dogs thanks to a little-known and yet tremendously useful object : the kart.

Indeed, before the first snows (which can be very late !), our dogs start running to get back in shape as soon as temperatures drop below 10°C. In October, that often means early morning or late evening. Especially this year, with these unusual bouts of heat !

Training is a critical phase of preparation for the season. It also is a special moment betweem dogs and guides, who start woking together and getting to know one another. There has to be a solid bond between a sled dog and their human to get into winter !

If this very special moment makes you curious and you want to be a part of it, you can reach out via email or phone call to book a seat in a kart.

It is a unique experience, even more rare than sledding. With the warm colors of autumn, it is just as unforgettable.

You won't have to fear the cold like you do in winter, and you will get an almost private tour, with a guide dedicated to taking care of you only.

See you soon !

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